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1982 born in Miaoli county, Taiwan.

lives and works in Berlin and Miaoli.

Liu, Chien-Wei’s work focuses on historical/ahistorical relations among artefacts, objects (such as ready-made and daily object) and the orders of contemporary societies. His installation works are composed of varies of asymmetrical montages of artistic productions and objects. As a temporary constellation conducted by artistic approach in display, his work addresses the intention of reframing and transforming the initial social meanings of these components and further questions the current sociopolitical system of its way of interpretation and classification. In other words, his practice creates an artistic reflection by carrying out the shifting meanings while engaging with contemporary conditions.

In terms of finding contemporary meanings through artistic practice, it is not difficult to link his artistic approach to the current living situation of overload consuming information. In his view, these consuming experiences create a measurable, touchable, and sense-oriented familiarity. He once joked: “Seeing my works are sometimes more like a window shopping in the afternoon or a distracting moment while at the office.” For instance, his recent project Jinshan No.14--A3 Reports, which remolds and casts the architectural surfaces of a historical “thôo-kat-tshù” (a variation of Rammed- Earth house and the family residency of Liu) with an A3-size fix template, demonstrates a hybrid of this familiarity. Its way of representing on the one hand actualizes an artistic representation in an archeological and monumental sense, on the other recontextualizes this Taiwanese architecture from a personal living experience to the commercial format of “reporting”.


2005 B.F.A, Department of Sculpture at National Taiwan University of Arts.

2009 M.F.A, Graduate School of Plastic Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts.

2016 Meisterschüler(Master class) at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany.

Selected Exhibitions:

2022 Jinshan No.14 - Chien-Wei Liu's solo exhibition, Chiayi Art Museum, Chiayi, Taiwan. 

2021 Housing Things, Yo-chang Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

2020 Global Swarming - Theoretical Fun,, Berlin, Germany.

2018 Heim und Wandlung, Galerina Steiner, Berlin, Germany.

2018 Jinshan No.14 - Unhousing, site-specific presentation, Miaoli, Taiwan.

2016 De-coincidence, Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

2015 Anesthesia, Tête, Berlin, Germany.

2014 Entre Nous, Studio Nikibi, Berlin, Germany.

2013 ChienWei Liu’s Solo Presentation, Garden Party project room, Berlin, Germany.

2012 19991221 > 20130421/ PART ONE, Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taiwan.

2012 Aire de Taïwan, Expositions dans la Région Champagne-Ardenne, France.

2011 D’abord les forêts.../opus2, Maison Laurentine, Aubepierre-sur-Aube, France.

2009 Taiwanpics.Doc Art contemporain taiwanais, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, Paris, France. 

2009 Perception on the Earth, Xin Yi Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

2009 Cold Q, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.


2011 D’abord les forêts.../opus2, Maison Laurentine, Aubepierre-sur-Aube, France.

2012 CAMAC Art Center, Marnay sur Seine, France.

2013 Busan Nature Artist Association, Busan, Korea.

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